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How We Help

Order Fulfilment

If you’re an online seller interested in order fulfilment, have outgrown fulfilling your own orders or are unhappy with the quality of your current fulfilment company then we’re here to help.

Order fulfilment can greatly benefit fast growing start-ups removing repetitive tasks allowing you to focus on growing your brand. Other benefits include; Lowering overheads and fixed costs, maintaining up to date technology and faster delivery times, enhancing customers buying experiences while providing scalability.

We’ve been successfully fulfilling client orders since 2014 in our ISO9001:2015, FSCC22000 and Organic certified facility. We also expect to receive Halal and Kosher certification in the latter part of 2019, as well as GMP certification.

We’re setup to undertake all the steps involved from receiving and processing orders to delivering to end customers. We’re also able to send orders directly to Amazon FBA.

Unlike most fulfilment houses we operate on a simple price structure and there are no hidden costs.

If you’d like a quote please contact tom@oxfordcontractmanufacturing.com