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  • Private Label Supplements

  • We can help you launch your own private label supplements. From concept, all the way through to a finished product.
  • Bulk Loose

  • Wholesale Supplements

  • A wide range of popular supplements, with over 150 products to choose from.
  • Formulation Services

  • Our in-house nutritionists provide both full and partial formulation services. So whatever stage you’re at in the process, we can help you create bespoke formulations that suit your needs.
  • Shipping to the FBA Warehouse

  • We can take the hassle out of getting your goods to one of the largest online e-commerce sales and distributors, leaving you more time to focus on your business.

Private Label Supplements

We can help you launch your own private label supplements. From concept, all the way through to a finished product.
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who we are

One of Europe's Leading Supplement Manufacturers

With over 1000 single formulations of supplements, we can help you develop products that are right for your customers.

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Why Choose Us?


Worried about the amount of information you need to digest?

We have an experienced team with a high level of knowledge, to offer you all the help and advice you could need in one easy place.


Unsure how to set-up your own facility or worried about the cost?

We have a facility built and run to GMP standards, Food Standards Authority approved, our facility in the heart of Oxfordshire saving you the time and investment required to build your own. Reducing your capital investment and on going overheads.


Tired of tonnes of confusing regulations to read & understand to be compliant?

Don't worry we have got it covered. We deal with the FSA, MHRA, FDA, Trading Standards, & Organic Food Federation so that you don't have to. Ensuring your products are compliant without the 100's of hours of overwhelming paperwork.

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Do you already have your suppliers
in place?

Great, we can work with them. If you don't then you do not need to worry we have trusted and approved network of suppliers with great prices and great quality. We even have a qualified ISO 22000 auditor on our team to ensure their quality and safety. All this is backed up with 3rd party analysis to ensure you and your customers only get the best.

design team

Want to produce something that looks as good on the outside as it makes your customers feel on the inside?

We can offer a full range of packaging options, standup pouches, PET round / square bottles, glass jars. Either from your source or one of our approved and trusted suppliers.

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