Private Label Sachet Products

Currently, we live in an ‘on-the-go’ culture whereby easy nutrition isn’t delivered fast enough! Private label sachet products may be the answer. Common products delivered in an easy sachet form include energy powders and high-strength individual nutrients. Whether its this you want or you’d like to start a new market trend Oxford Contract Manufacturing can help.

We create private label sachet products to suit your market and your company’s concept.

What Products are Suited to a Pouch/Sachet?

A sachet or pouch is ideal for a lot of products. They are best to liquids, gels and powders (granular and non-granular). We can pack food and non-food items.

Why choose a Sachet/Pouch?

They are a great alternative to other packaging. They are mobile, easy to store, and easy to post. Most importantly, they are consumer ready! We can print them for you or provide you with plain sachets for your own design. We can provide a wide variety of sizes and shapes to suit your products.

Private Label Supplement Manufacturing Eligibility Standard

Oxford Contract Manufacturing uses the highest quality ingredients to produce some of the finest vitamins and dietary supplements for your sachet product. Our private label supplement manufacturing facility is ISO 22000 Certified, GMP compliant, and FDA Registered. We use state of the art machinery and have 3rd party accreditations that will give you and your company peace of mind. We will manufacture your private label pet supplements products as quickly as possible, under the highest quality standards. As a standard, all of our ingredients are 3rd party microbiologically tested. Each and every batch of supplements that OCM produce is tracked and given a uniquely identifiable number to meet and exceed all legislation.

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