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Supplement Manufacturers

Pet supplements are increasing in popularity. They reduce common symptoms that pets often face including joint problems, digestive problems and dry skin. Pets that become unhealthy due to diet, exercise and environmental toxins tend to have poor energy levels and shorter life spans. Pet owners across the world are starting to realise the power of supplements with helping their beloved animals health.

We can help you to create a private label pet supplement from concept, with the aim to provide pets with optimal nutrition.

  • Pet Digestion

    We create products that soothe a troubled tummy. A change in appetite or excessive gas is a common occurrence in household pets, but this is easily remedied with a combination of food and supplementary nutrition.

  • Pet Probiotics

    Pet Probiotics have become hugely popular in the past decade. We create products to your specification to rebalance animal’s digestive microbiota, prevent disease and optimise health.

  • Pet Multivitamins

    Like us, animal nutrition is complex and requires balance. So, why not develop a product that combines all their needs in one? Multivitamins do exactly that, providing an array of vitamins and minerals to boost health.

  • High-Grade Ingredients

    We have trusted and approved network of suppliers with great prices and great quality. We even have a qualified ISO 22000 auditor on our team to ensure their quality and safety. All this is backed up with 3rd party analysis to ensure you and your customers only get the best.

  • Hip & Joint

    As we age, we creak and groan. Animals feel the same too. Work with us to design one of the most popular animal products on the market, which will enable free movement and energetic ‘walkies’ forever more.

  • Horse Supplements

    For horse owners there is is more to keeping a horse than simply exercising it, but also maintaining a stunning coat. We will work with you to formulate a supplement that does it all, for comprehensive health and beauty.

Manufacturing Eligibility Standard

Oxford Contract Manufacturing uses the highest quality ingredients to produce some of the finest vitamins and dietary supplements for animals. Our private label supplement manufacturing facility is ISO 22000 Certified, GMP compliant, and FDA Registered. We use state of the art machinery and have 3rd party accreditations that will give you and your company peace of mind. We will manufacture your private label pet supplements products as quickly as possible, under the highest quality standards. As standard all of our ingredients are 3rd party microbiologically tested.

Each and every batch of pet supplements are tracked and are given a uniquely identifiable number to meet and exceed all legislation.


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Prefer to Pack Your Own Pet Supplements?

Already have your own packing line and just need the pet supplements to be manufactured? No problem. We have over 150 products in stock ready to be shipped. Likewise we can simply manufacture your pre-existing pet product formulations for you and ship directly to your packing facility.

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