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Iodine Tablets - 150mcg

Iodine Tablets - 150mcg

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Buy Wholesale Iodine tablets. Bulk quantities of loose 150mcg Iodine supplements available to purchase now. Add to cart to place your order today.


Do you need the best Iodine at the most competitive prices?

We Can Save You Time & Money, While Keeping Your Business Legal and We Can Do All Of This In A More Cost Effective Way Than You Would Think Possible.

How do we do this?

We Buy Iodine in Bulk

We bulk buy tons of Iodine from our trusted suppliers. Every supplier we use has to go through a strict approval process and audited to an acceptable standard such as BRC or ISO 22000. Not only must they supply an in-date Audit certificate but we check the validity of these certificates with the issuing body and, in turn look at the validity of the certification body. All auditors must be accredited by UKAS (or country equivalent) such as SGS. Certificates from independent auditing organisations are not accepted.

Produced In A High Capacity Facility

Our state of the art production facility uses high output tablet presses with a capability of 6 million tablets every day. The clean room is built to ISO Class C and with a validated air control system you can be sure your tablets are made to pharmaceutical grade standard.

We Are Certified

We take care of the audit trail as part of our SGS Certificated ISO 22000 FSSC Food Safety Management System. We keep full traceability data from receiving goods to when they arrive at your door. After receiving our ingredients they will be checked in and stored under controlled conditions at our Oxfordshire manufacturing plant. Each ingredient is sampled and logged with invoice and certificate of analysis for full supplier traceability.

We Keep Your Customer Safe

During manufacture, blending and pressing, all products pass Critical Control Points such as sieving at 20 mesh and metal detection to 0.1mm ferrous and non ferrous metals.

Tablet tolerances, specifications, remarks and archive samples are taken to ensure full internal traceability. Samples of every finished batch are sent for microbiological analysis by a UKAS accredited third party lab.

We Protect You And Your Business With Our Insurance

You are covered by our insurance, we guarantee our products quality and safety and back it up with product liability insurance so you don’t have to worry.

We Keep You Legal With Batch Recall

When you order you will receive the batch specification and corresponding microbiological report. For sales outside of the UK to Europe we can supply a certificate of conformance to our local laws & regulations - this is priced at £20/ batch.
If you have any queries on any of our policies, procedures, or products please do not hesitate to contact our qualified and experienced staff by phone or email.
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